Saturday, July 26, 2008


The only way to redeem yourself is to fight for me. You will be
my fighter tonight. Max smiled.”Do you know who I work for?”
”No, tell me!” ” I work for Ice.” Ice is the main narko-boss in
town, brutal in his command. To rebuke with T-Bag is the
same as to rebuke with Ice. ”But I don't fight for money.”
” Then fight for your life and life of your friend!”On T- Bag' s
blink two of his colossus guards draged Luigi out. Max
become anxious. ”Wait, where are you draging him?”
”Just to be shure you'll get the job done.”Luigi was closed in car,
parked near by. ”I'll put big money on your fight,Ice's money.”
”You know what will happen if you loose, so I strongly
recommende to win or otherwise…” After that everythig
happend rappidly and Max was standing in the midle of that
crowd which was making a some kind of ring. Infront of him a
mad man was standing and reaping his T-shirt of. Max felt like
he is coming out from a nightmare,mixed with strong smell of
perfumes,smoke of cigars,swet and blod from last fights, blinded
from car lights which highlight the ring. Crowd calling one name.
Dredge!Dredge!Dredge! ”Maybe it's his name.”:Max was tought.
Dredge comes to Max with frightful roar. Max start to avoid him
and in one moment feel someone pushing him to Dredge.
It was someone from the crowd, because Max was stick in them
when he was retreating from Dredges attack. So Max was now
rushing on Dredge against his will and get strong punch to his
mouth with Dredges knee. He was tumble on the floor.
He felt strong pain in his jaw. He felt a broken tooth. Dredge was
jelling with a crowd with his arms in the air like he is alredy won
this fight. Max spit his broken tooth and stand up. Dredge attacks
him again like a mad man. Max retreat again but this time one
step back and then in the moment when it was suposed to stick
with a crowd, he step one step aside. Dredge swings with his legg
and knock-out some guy who was probably whant to push Max
back on Dredge and rise with his head in ring after Maxes
retreating aside. The guy has fall like dead. Crowd starts even
more with their jelling and cheering. It was mad situation.
Dredge attacks Max again and swing with his legg. Max bow and
retreat again. Dredge look at Max and smile to him.
At the corner of eye, Max looked beautiful girl and suddenly
felt stronger than before. Dredge came on to Max again.
They started hard fight, jet Max was ready for it and with his
strong punch he broked Dredge legg and knocked him down.
As Max was standing ower Dredge, Dredge gave him sing that
fight was ower for him and Max won.

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