Saturday, July 5, 2008


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It's the sequel from the book chapter

about Luigi and Max.

When I was came down to the bar,Luigi was still smiling.
„Heey!“:he wave me by hand.
„My dearest friend,my brother!“:he was taping me on my
shoulder.“What's up Luigi?“„Wait, wait till we make an order.“
„You are to much excited,what's going on?“
„Waaait for a moment.“:said Luigi.
„Look, I know you well and I know when you need something!“
.In that moment beautiful girl was interrupt our argument.
Man, what a beauty! We were watching at her like she is an
angel.Beautiful body, big tits,long legs, perfect buttocks and
face…,her face really looks like she is an angel. That girl is pure
pleasure, pure SEX.
„What is about that nimble argument, guys?“:she ask us.
„Haaaa!“:I was surprised with her appearance.
„What would you like to drink?“:she said. Aaaaa, that is all
about Luigi happiness! She is new waitress in our bar. He was
horny. „We discus about you if you want to know.“ I was
prepared for a good start and try to seduce her immediately,
on the first ball. In Luigi eyes was a jealousy. Because I was
trying to seduce her and he saw her first.
„About meee!?“:she starts to giggle. Maan, we were in some
kind of shock. Just a second before i was prepared to stand up
and introduce myself to her, to take her hand and gently, sexy
squeeze. But I was still sitting glued for that chair. She didn't
had half of her teeth and the other half was black. Or something
like that, but it was…, HUH, what a site! Luigi was still in shock,
so was I. „What did you say about me?“:she asked very serious.
Now, I'm in trouble. But my IQ – 159 helps me and provide me
a quick solution in any situation. If I say something wrong we
will be in trouble.„You will be mad at me if i say.“ Maybe I'll
must start looking for another good bar after i say what is on
my mind wright now.„No, I wont!“:she said very seriously
and nervous, waiting for my wrong move. Luigi is still in stade
of shock.„Well, what are you waiting now, just say it!“
She begins to be pissed and probably assume what I'm
thinking wright now.

What should Max say to her? VOTE !
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