Thursday, July 3, 2008


How to make a mouse trap?
If you whant to make a mouse trap you need to have a house and
of course a mouse. Ha,ha!You will need a couple things wich you
can find in your home. First take a one 2 liter plastic bottle
of some juice(empty of course). Then take a weight, saw or sharp
knife, tin rope, needle and piece of bacon. You must be carefull
that mouse don't see what you prepar for him. He is a clever
little beast. You need to act very good otherwise the mouse will
atack you suddenly just to show you who is the boss. So act
normaly like you do everyday things. Now when you shure that
mouse is not around, take the stuff and get to work. First you
need to cut a bottle about ten centimeters from the peak. Now
take needle and pierce bottle to make a two little hole, just
enough for rope pass thru. Take the rope and tack to the bottle.
Now you have something like a little bucket. Rope must be aobut
half meter long now. Be aware of mouse presents and stil act like
you don't do nothing interesting, otherwise the trap will not
succeed.Take a weight and attach rope and bottle with it to the
table. You need bacon for decoy and first rouge it to the surface
before you put bacon in to the bottle. Now you must put the
bottle on the board of table like seesaw, half on table and half
to be in air and just wait to fall down when mouse come in for
delicious bite. Now go to sleep and still act normaly,like you're
really tired. in the morning you will see your beaste mouse in
agony and trying to jump out of the trap, but that's not gonna
happend beacuse bottle is to long and slipery. This is the most
funny way to take a trip to adventure. It is cheap and brings you
much funn. Just one thing you need is bucket full of wather to
put mouse into and watch him how he swim his circles.Ha,ha,haaa!
Post me your coment if you succeed.
If you need more advice about anything, just ask.
100% works!
Be good, be nice, be well!


abi said...

Thank's 4 coming boz..u look like bruce lee..but sorry my blog just 4 storing my picture

Doris said...

Thanks! I'll have to try this sometime. I've also been reading about those Victor Multi-Kill traps that can kill up to 10 mice before they need to be reset.
Here's the trap I'm referring to: