Thursday, July 3, 2008


This is my work in the park and it's growing.
This is my second try and unfnished for now.

This is my first painting. Believe it or not.

How to make an oil painting?

The most people think that the painting is hard and impossible for
them,for you exactly. But that is not true. Yes you hear good my
words. That is simply not true. You can paint like some skilful
painter in short time. Why I'm shure in that? Beacuse, painting is
nothing you didn't see yet ,or didn't try like child or in older age,
painting your kids or grand-kids. For example, I was very bored
and one day decide to make a painting, to be a paintor. My friends
was laughed at me,so don't tell any one before painting isn't
finished.This is first advice, just don't tell, beacuse they'll kill
your will. Good! Now go to store wich is specialized and have all
you need in one place. They are more cheap also, then other store
who are notspecialized for painting.Buy a canvas little dimensions
beacuse you will easily make your first paint on smaller surface.
Now you need to buy diferent tipe of brushes. Ask salesman about
that, he will help you. He'll help you about oil colors to. Just ask
him and start friendly conversation with him. He'll give you some
good advice, that is for shure. If is he or a she you can make a
good friendship and mybe more, who knows. Ha,ha,ha!By also
a terpentine for easier bank of colors on canvas.That is all you
need,and of course you will need a peace and open mind, some
good music and you can start to paint.Very important is-
prepare canvas with terpentine. Smear canvas with a thin
dose of terpentine for easier paint and good spread of colors.
Now, you can try to make anything, but the best way is to paint
something you draw before for a about hundred times in your
free or bored time. Know that, it is not important what that is,
it will be good for shure.Graffiti paintors draw their paintings
for a whole life on the paper, before they finished on the wall.
So they practice before on paper. You for shure have something
like that, some drawing you draw all the time. Paint that.
Most paintors have a problem with a stile.
Good paintor have his own stile and that makes him special and
good. It is not essential what it is. What is essential is your stile.
Don't change something on painting if you not shure, beacuse
the first bank of color probably is the best.
If you have some more questions, just ask me.
Be good, be nice, be well!

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