Thursday, July 3, 2008


How to make a table soccer/european football field ?

This is game made by my father ,year 1976.
We play that game for many years and the game is still one
of the best in long winter nights.
First what you need is a table board. Then you need a green
scarft or some common canvas. You also need 22 tacks,(wich
must be decapitated) for players and 10 for goalposts, 5 for
each. You need 4 batten for corse fences. Goalpost can be
made with copper wire. You can clearly see the arrangement
of players(tacks) on the field. Buttens must be attached for
table board.
Field size is 50 cm.
You also need two wooden sticks like I draw for you and one
white plastic ball.
Game starts from center of the field. Players play alternate
once at the time and like that to the wictory. If the ball falls
out of the field, other player shot the penalty.
First who score six goals is the Winner.
Have a good and funny time with my father game.

Be good, be nice, be well!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Very nice and useful blog. This game looks very interesting and funny to play, I'm gonna try it for sure. Keep up the good work!