Sunday, July 20, 2008


One day in Freds classroom come young beautiful female
teacher as a substitution. It was summer and she was easy
dressed. She uprise her right arm and starts to write on the
board with chalk.
FRED:"Look guys, she shawed her right armpit!"
She turns to Fred.
TEACHER:"Fred, take your bag, I don't whant to see you in
school for a week!"
After one week Fred come back to school. Teacher start to
teach ,uprise her left arm to show something on the board.
FRED:"Look guys, she is shawed under left armpit also!"
TEACHER:"Fred, take your bag and don't come to school
for a month!"
Fred take his bag and leave class. After one month Fred come
to school. Teacher start to write on board with chalk. In one
moment chalk brakes and young teacher bend over to pick
up the chalk from the floor. Fred put his bag on shoulder
and when he was leaving the classroom say...
FRED:"Good bye guys, this school year is over for me!"

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catxinha said...

That's funny! xD