Friday, July 4, 2008


How to make a multifunctional basket?
Why to spend your money on expensive little baskets wich
you need for example a newspapers. Yes they look pretty,
but you can make your own basket for a cheap which also can
look pretty like those from the store, expensive. All what you
need is a little free time and a good will. Take one round
wooden table, dimensions wich you need. You will need and
wooden sticks like on the picture, also you need thin wooden
straps like on the picture, glue for wood and auger. Drill
small holes around, for stiks, then put glue in and sticks in to
them. Now you can drink your beer or juice or coffee for a
half hour. Did you finished with a drink? OK! Now take
your straps and plait like on the picture. On each conjunction
put little glue for better fixation of straps and for a longevity
of the basket.Whait for glue to blot and basket is ready for
use. You can paint your basket with a color for wood and
lacquer it. Basket will look like one from the store and
expensive. Now there are many variations. You can make
basket for keys or other nothingness, or for fruit, or for a
bread on the Sunday lunch table, or for a newspapers.
You will chose that. With lenght of sticks you treat purpose
of your basket.
I hope that was useful for you.
Be good,be nice,be well!

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