Thursday, July 3, 2008


How to play a bottleball game?

Try this game and you will love it for the rest of your life.
This is summer outdoor game and can be played like a
tournament. With more people, funn is better. You can
play it when dear people come to visit you and you need
to amuse them. This game can play youth and oldtimers.
Don't play that inside your home, but if you whant it is
not forbiden. What you need for playing is one ball and two
bottles filled with water. Place your bottle about five-six
meters away from each other. Stand behind your bottle and
take the ball. Try to hit opponent bottle. If you succeed , then
he must run to catch a ball and run back to stop you with a
touch. Your task is to take his bottle and pour out much water
you can while he catching ball. Try to pour water on the other
while they are watching you. Just for a funn. If you succeed
pour all water out of bottle you are the winner. Otherwise if
your opponent succeed to catch the ball and come to you
before you pour water out, he is on the move.
This is the best funn in summer time.
If you need some other funny games just ask.
Be good, be nice, be well!

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