Saturday, July 19, 2008


Those two big guys drag Luigi and drop him near Max.
"Now it's your turn!":said guy who was standing sideward
and slakes cigar on the sidewalk with his shoe. Max looks at him
and on the first sight he saw a problem. He saw that this guy is
from the other side of law, underground side. Max didn't say
anything, just looked at Luigi, who was coming to consciousness.
"Oooo, my friend, now you drag us in to big trouble.":Luigi
squawks hardly. One of two big guys grab Max by his T-shirt
and yells at him:"Stand up when T-Bag speaks to you!"
Max was standing now and all what was on his mind was, how
to get unharmed in that moment.
"You insulted my Simone badly.":said T-Bag.
Max didn't say anything. "You need to buy-out now, to me and
to my Simone!" Max was just bearley and muse smiling.
"She is not she, she is a he, man!":Luigi squawks to Max again.
In that moment Simone, or better said Simon was on him and
give a beating to Luigi. Max tryed to stop him/she but
he was stoped too by two big guys. Luigi was unconscious again.
"Come on man, this is not funny anymore!":Max was yelling on
T-Bag. "Ohohoooo, where is now your smile?"
"Didn't he got his satisfaction yet!?" Max was angry.
"Didn't we even now!?"
"We will be even when I say so!":T-Bag was mad now.
"You will buy your way out for shure and it will be tonight!"
"OK, just say what i need to do and let's finish this agony!"

What will be now.

Be good, be nice, be well!

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